July 7, 2016

Since November of 2015, our professional team has included our Director of Canine Affairs, Jaco.

Jaco's first career was as a racing greyhound in Florida, where he raced under the name "Arkans T-Rex."  He retired at just two years old.  His new name was given in honour of the great jazz fusion bass player Jaco Pastorius, (and it rhymes with 'taco').  

Jaco is a very quiet, sensitive dog, and he usually comes to work with me three days a week, depending on my scheduled commitments.  He spends most of his day napping, and most of our clients and visitors quickly forget he is there.  If you are allergic to dogs, or if for any reason you would pref...

July 7, 2016


Although our firm name and organization has changed, we are pleased to continue to work in close collaboration with our friend and colleague Kathryn M. Dumke.  Kathryn is now practicing under the firm name Dumke Law, and information about her firm can be found at: www.dumkelaw.ca.  

The main focus of Kathryn's practice is civil litigation, including commercial litigation, real estate litigation, probate litigation, and personal injury litigation.  Ms. Dumke also provides a host of other legal services in both English and German, and we will continue to work with her as co-counsel to serve new and existing clients.

July 7, 2016

Tabitha and I are excited to be entering a new phase in our practicing lives, by commencing the law partnership of MacLeod Webber, Barristers & Solicitors, effective July 1, 2016.  

We have worked together for three years at Dumke MacLeod, and we are hoping to make the transition into our new partnership as seamless for our clients as possible.   Our firm's physical location and fax number will remain the same, and we will continue to check our old email addresses for several months.  We will continue to have the support of our amazing paralegal, Janice Croft.

In June of 2016, we sent letters by mail and email, advising our current clients and...

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